I'm a Lawyer

I'm not a judge working as a lawyer, but a lawyer who previously worked as a judge. I have had the immense honour of exercising jurisdiction for over 17 years. Now, I have the great honour of exercising the right of defence for my clients. I no longer choose the strongest technically, or the most credible version, or state the law: I use the legal system so the rights of my clients are imposed, because they are right.

Actually I began my career as a magistrate in 1995. The last 10 years of my judicial career have been as a corporate magistrate. I know the judiciary very well. In 2004 I passed some internal opposition and accepted the first class of commercial specialists CGPJ.

I could opt for and managed to work in the ground breaking Spanish court, in the specialization of Spanish commerce: Section 15 of the Provincial Court of Barcelona. During my four years in Barcelona, ​​we issued the first bankruptcy policy after the approval of the new law; we made progress in Patent Rights, especially for pharmacists; we resolved more complicated cases in the area of Rights of Industrial Brands and Designs; we further integrated community rights into the implementation of the national judiciary, with well know preliminary questions on Intellectual Property or Competence Defense; we made progress with the defense against unfair competition; we adhered to a reliable doctrine in the area of Corporate Law.

I know what excellence is in corporate litigation

I applied my experience and knowledge in the Granada corporate court in mid crisis, with bankruptcy legislation out of control and in the process of reform. I have left my mark on the current bankruptcy law. I conducted complicated and delicate bankruptcy proceedings in the food and agricultural sector, in that of construction, in tourism, in industrial and in sports organizations. Furthermore since Granada is the city where all law suits regarding industrial property for Andalucía are resolved, I converted Granada into a landmark forum for disputes over patents and brands. I resolved important cases in plant variety rights.

I know what corporate litigation is in the trenches

The training that CGPJ offered to the corporate judges on the world of business, on social manager motives, on decision making in large companies, didn’t seem enough. So I decided to allocate my own resources, my savings, to do a masters degree on the Instituto Internacional San Telmo in Seville. I gained the backing of the committee of Andalucía, and did my Diploma in senior Business management.

I know what businesses expect from a lawyer

In 2012 a large and prestigious firm Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira picked me out for the position of Director in the area of Intellectual and Industrial Property in Madrid. In recent years I have also consulted in the area of Bankruptcy Law for major cases of business insolvency in the country.

This has been sufficient time for me to be recommended by the international board of lawyers. (Best Lawyer IP 2013 - 2017, Best Lawyer Insolvency and Restructuring 2014 - 2017, Best Lawyer Advertising Law 2017, Legal 500, IFLR and Managing Intellectual Property in Intellectual Property, Restructuring & Insolvency and Advertising Law).

I know what excellency consists of in corporate law

At present I work with my own team, which I put together and pick for each case, according to the client, the demands of the law suit and my criteria as technical director. This is the boutique of business law and of corporate litigation.

I offer technical excellence with an organization that has sizeable material and human resources, along with this, a better relation between quality and price. I am independent, without conflicts of interest beyond my loyal customers, with whom I deal with personally.

I have written many articles about Corporate Law, and co-ordinated various books and manuals on modern bankruptcy proceedings. I am a member of the editorial board for major scientific magazines on Bankruptcy, Corporate and Industrial Property Law.

I have been teaching classes and giving lectures on these matters for some time, so far more than 200, in both national and international and major public and private universities and in business schools across the country.

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