I am not a judge working as a lawyer but a lawyer who before worked as a judge. I had the immense honor of exercising jurisdiction for over 17 years. Since then, I exercise the right to defense on behalf of my clients. I do not choose a version for being technically the most solid, nor for being the most credible; I use our legal system to enforce our clients rights, because they are in the right.

In fact, I started in the fascinating world of law as a judge. I am a career judge since 1995. I have been a civil, 1st instance and investigating judge, as well as a criminal case investigator for 8 years. I know the ins and outs of the judiciary system. In 2003, when the bankruptcy law was published, the CGPJ summoned internal public examinations for those who would become the first Commercial Judges of Spain. They were extremely difficult. Nevertheless, I passed them in 2004, becoming part of the first promotion of specialists in commercial law from the CGPJ.

By choice, I got to work in the Spanish Court which is the pioneer in the Commercial field: section 15 of the provincial audience of Barcelona. During my four years in Barcelona and after the new law was approved, we issued the first bankruptcy doctrine. We moved the Patent law forward, in particular in the pharmaceutical sector. We also resolved the most complicated cases regarding trademarks and industrial design. We integrated, even more so, community law in the national judiciary implementing framework, with well-known preliminary matters regarding Intellectual Property & Competition. We helped develop a defense against unfair competition, and we kept a solvent doctrine regarding company law.


In the midst of a crisis and with the bankruptcy law in full reform process, I applied my experience and knowledge in the Commercial Court in Granada. The current bankruptcy law has traces of my work in it. I managed some complex and delicate arrangements with creditors in the agri-food, building, touristic, industrial and sports entities sectors. Furthermore, due to Granada being the headquarters for Industrial Property disputes in Andalusia, I made it a reference point for patent and trademark litigation and I had the chance to resolve important cases of plant variety rights.


In 2012, a great and prestigious firm, Cuatrecasas, put its eye on me and made me an offer. I accepted it and I moved to Madrid, where I currently live and work since then. I was the Intellectual and Industrial Property Manager in Madrid area and I advised the Bankruptcy law department on the main corporate insolvency cases in the country.

Este tiempo ya me ha bastado para ser recomendado por conocidos directorios internacionales de abogados (Chambers Restructuring & Insolvency, Chambers Intellectual Property, Best Lawyer Restructuring & Insolvency, Intellectual Property, Advertising, Legal 500, IFLR).

I have written multiple articles about Commercial Law and have coordinated several books and manuals about the modern arrangements with creditors. I am part of the editorial board in the most relevant scientific journals concerning Bankruptcy, Corporate and Industrial Property Law.

I have given more than two hundred classes and lectures regarding all of these issues, both nationally and internationally, as well as in the main public and private universities and business schools of the country.