Soy abogado y Catedrático de Derecho Civil. Las dos facetas de mi trabajo me apasionan y las dos se complementan: soy mejor profesor porque tengo una visión práctica del Derecho y los conocimientos que he adquirido a través de mi labor investigadora me aportan solidez como abogado.

Tras licenciarme en Derecho con premio extraordinario en la Universidad de Granada, obtuve el Doctorado por la Universidad de Bolonia con la calificación de “excelente cum laude” en el año 2003. En el año 2007 obtuve mi plaza de profesor titular de Derecho Civil en la Universidad de Granada y, desde mayo de 2022, soy Catedrático en la misma Universidad.

I have written four books and almost a hundred articles and book chapters regarding unfair terms in contracts, financial and investment products, tort law and the digital economy. I am proud because some of my publications have become key references, expressly mentioned in sentences, some of my theories have been taken as jurisprudence by the Supreme Court. My research work has been awarded with the prestigious Cervello Award from the Instituto de Empresa and the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence in Granada, and the Legislation Award for the best doctoral thesis. I regularly participate as a speaker at national and international conferences , I have managed some national projects financed by the Ministry of Innovation and Science, I have taught at the University of Granada and the Judicial School of Barcelona and on some different degrees and master´s courses at the Universitat Obert of Catalunya (UOC), the University School of financial Studies (CUNEF), the International University of Andalusia ( UNIA) and at the Jagiellonian University of Krakow.

I have been practising as a lawyer since 2006. I enjoy wearing the gown and appearing in court, something that I have successfully done in some of the most demanding Courts, such as the European Court of Justice. Other colleagues sometimes trust me with their most complex issues, and I also draft technical reports for companies and public administrations. Honesty, study, and technical rigour define me as a lawyer. I only accept a case if I have the knowledge and the time required for seeing it through conscientiously.

For that reason, working as a Counsel Lawyer for a firm which demands such a high level of excellence as Blas Gonzalez satisfies me.