Most of my job, since I studied Law in Granada, has been managing large teams and dealing with Banking Law where organization, management and discipline tasks are essential for the correct functioning of civil jurisdiction. It has been more than twelve years of being in charge of these tasks, combining study and expertise with specific and evaluable results obtained periodically. When bankruptcy law reached its maximum, all this experience was very useful. The expertise on dealing with dozens of insolvency proceedings with affected debtors and creditors, the responsibility of the bankruptcy administration entrusted by the Commercial Court and Court of first instance (for legal persons) made everything move ahead.

Working in Blas A. Gonzalez Abogados since 2016 has built my expertise in complex Commercial litigation: national court-appointed proceedings, civil actions for antitrust damages, protection of business secrets, negotiation for litigation financing, nullity of financial derivatives contracts….

This is, the law that I always wanted: commercial sophistication and efficiency. Additionally, if we accompany the client and make them feel comfortable, we have the recipe for success.