In the practise of law, knowledge must be grounded and enriched through experience and also with perspective.

I spent a period of 16 years working for the firm Garrigues. I specialized in Taxation regarding credit institutions, family business, corporate transactions and tax procedure. In this period, I developed the technique and immersed myself in discipline and the culture of effort. Internally I was forged through the importance of working with multidisciplinary teams. Externally I learnt to understand clients and meet their needs.

Following this, I spent more than 11 years in the financial sector, holding several executive positions related to the legal field and council secretariat. My dedication focused on Corporate Law, corporate operations, governance and regulatory compliance. I completed my understanding of the client because I became a service contractor client of large law firms.

In this second stage, I understood the inner workings of the large company, I lived an important regulatory change and I adapted myself to it. I combined all of that with the secretariat on different management boards (credit institutions, insurance companies, holding companies, real estate companies and several producers or service providers).

During both periods, the base knowledge has always been present: receiving it through constant study and preparation, sharing it in continuous teaching activity.

I add to and enrich my background with that of my colleagues. We all are different and complementary in the way we handle each issue. We are all identical in our commitment to the client and in the pursuit of excellence.