Freedom to form the right team for each case

Another key to success from a responsible lawyer

BLAS A. GONZÁLEZ is and innovative firm that provides advice services in cases of litigation and commercial arbitration, both the companies that operate in Spain, and their different internal legal teams.

BLAS A. GONZALEZ Lawyers develop a specialised advocacy of clients and cases.


It’s recommendable, when necessary, to count on a lawyer specialised in litigation: national businesses can’t always count on expert litigators on their in-house teams, on many occasions it’s recommendable that this work be done by an external company; international businesses, who on occasion need to judicially defend their rights and investments in Spain, count on an expert in Spanish law.

The clients of BLAS A. GONZÁLEZ come to the office for disputes in civil order and to pursue their claims in Bankruptcy Law. Their presence will be required when it is necessary to file a civil or commercial dispute or when prosecution is likely.


The natural concept of the firm is agreement and understanding. Of course, we walk our clients through the process from the beginning advising, assisting in previous negotiations, reaching agreements to try and avoid a law suits and reduce costs. But the outlook is litigation: the office negotiates at all times so the eventual litigation is not lost.


BLAS A. GONZÁLEZ provides added value that few firms can boast in effectiveness and efficiency when advising their clients: Thanks to the legal origins of the director of the firm, corporate magistrate on leave of absence, it ensures dominance over the Spanish Procedural Law and its protagonists, including, here’s the difference, judicial vision itself.


  • Pre-litigation advice.
  • Judicial litigation in all stages of proceedings (first and second instance and additional appeals before corporate courts and of 1st instance, Community Trademark Courts, Provincial Courts, Community Trademark Tribunal, Supreme Court , Constitutional Court, General Court and the European Union Court of Justice).
  • National arbitral proceedings.
  • Drafting of legal documents for third parties, preparation of verdicts and technical reports.


  • Bankruptcy law.
  • PAll types of bankruptcy proceedings (Applications, defence or opposition to the bankruptcy declaration, communication of loans, incidents, common phase sales, judicial authorizations, agreement phase, creditor committees, liquidation phase…).
  • Debt recovery due to the bankruptcy process.
  • Rescissory actions.
  • Legal category of tender and responsibility of the administrator.
  • Sale and purchase of productive units in liquidation.
  • Industrial property licences in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Sale and purchase of intangible assets in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Patent rights and utility models
    Unitary patent and European patent.
    Specialization in pharmaceutical patents.
    Second medical use.
    Biosimilar medicines.
    Preliminary proceedings.
    Precautionary measures.
  • Stem cell law
    Non industrial medicines for advanced therapy. Authorized for use by the AEMPS.
  • Trademark law
    National, community and international trademarks.
    Well known and reputed.
    Parallel imports.
    Medicine brands.
    Brand image in the eyes of consumers.
    Generic brands.
    Preliminary proceedings.
    Precautionary measures.
  • Designations of origin and protected geographical indications
    Defence of the DO and LGP for third party violations, including trademark ownerss.
  • Design and industrial law
    Protection of unregistered community design.
    Preliminary proceedings.
    Precautionary measures.
  • Plant variety law
    Preliminary proceedings. Precautionary measures
  • Copyright, producers, performing artists, photographers, databases.
    Infringement proceedings.
    Claim accrued rights.
    Relationship with management entities.
    Private copy.
  • Art law.
  • Fashion law.
  • Responsibility of social administrators.
  • Validity of general board agreements.
  • Competitive malicious acts, derogatory, parasitic, deceitful…
  • Adhesive and misleading advertising. Proceedings brought before AUTOCONTROL.
  • Civil action for damages and losses deriving from the antitrust act. (Stand alone and follow on).
  • Appointment as arbitrator.
  • Client defence in national arbitrator proceedings.
  • Annulment of rulings.
  • Annulment of rulings.